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Line Creek Brewing

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The great thing about craft breweries is no two are the same. They can make similar beers, work together on a collaboration, or have similar taproom vibes. What makes them unique is their story. The story of how and why they put everything they had at risk to open a brewery, which was once a pipe dream, and turned into a functioning brewhouse that churns out delicious libations for the masses to enjoy is always different from one brewery to another. Because of this, the fact that every brewery has their own unique story that’s itching to be told, we’ve decided to do the ‘Brew Your Story’ series to give craft brewers a platform to tell those stories. These stories are the newest chapter of the American Dream.

It’s fitting that the first brewery featured in this series is based in Peachtree City, GA, my hometown. Peachtree City is a bedroom community of Atlanta where a golf cart is a socially acceptable means of transportation.  A town where you know a good number of your fellow citizens. A town that I never imagined would have its very own independent craft brewery. So, naturally, they were the first brewery I reached out to when I dreamed up this project. That brewery is Line Creek Brewing Company, and here is their story.


The seed for Line Creek Brewing was planted several years ago as Paul Costick, one of 4 co-founders, was travelling to breweries throughout the US & UK and saw the opportunity to build a brewery where he currently lives. Paul met the other co-founders, Paul Schwinne, Brian Messer and Matt Ramsey through various platforms around town. They did business together, played golf together, and enjoyed soccer together. During this time, they discovered a mutual love of craft beer, the genesis of the entire operation. I will be the first of many to tell you that the citizens of Peachtree City are extremely thankful that this group came together and made this a reality. Thankful that they gave us a brewery that allows us to enjoy a variety of craft beer that we can call our own. We are no longer required to make the trek to Atlanta to enjoy the brewery scene.

As most of you know, growing from homebrew to successful brewery is an extremely difficult task.  According to Paul, “hard is an understatement, especially when you’ve never done it before.” Some of the issues Line Creek faced include equipment problems and expenses, permits, financing and keeping projects on track. Overcoming these types of issues is something that none of them ever want to replicate in the near future. Fortunately, they had an experienced head brewer who had previous commercial brewing experience that was able to help the team avoid any major pitfalls. Many of the co-founders devoted a great amount of time and effort to ensure a successful launch and continue to be involved in the daily tasks of running the brewery.  When asked what he would tell the many homebrewers considering the transition to commercial brewing, Paul said they must realize that going “from homebrewing to commercial operations, while many have been successful in doing so, is really a seismic transition.”


Everyone has someone they look up to in their industry.  Someone who has preceded them and found success somewhere along the way.  For Paul and Line Creek, those people are Hop Butcher for the World in Chicago and Creature Comforts in Georgia.  He says he loves what Hop Butcher is doing and that their beers are insanely good, namely the Double Grid Double IPA.  Creature Comfort, on the other hand, are pioneers of the Georgia movement that have paved the way for the up and coming breweries like Line Creek.  Continuously making great beer and having an employee centric company culture that provides a great model to follow. 

Now, for the important part, the beer.  Line Creek’s flagship beer is the First Crush IPA which can be described as juicy, tropical, hazy and soft.  When looking it up on Untappd, the description reads “if you can’t think about it without smiling, then it must be your first crush.” This description is spot on.  It’s delicious and I want more of it.  I’m not alone in thinking it’s delicious, as it’s Line Creek’s best seller both in the taproom and in distribution.  Behind this is the Maverick Lager, which has been a pleasant surprise.  This is an easy drinking beer that I would recommend for lounging by the pool or watching a game.  It’s described as “a light, refreshing lager with a sweet honey-like aroma, a clean, crisp slightly sweet flavor, and a beautiful pale gold appearance.” Other beers currently available are the White Stout (Stout) , Wayward Son (Golden Ale), Slow Lane (Peach Hefeweizen), Corkonian (Irish Red Ale), Total Consciousness (Double IPA), How the West was Won (West Coast IPA) (Very Good), Blind Wolf (Strong Ale), Kickstand (Double IPA), Tenacious B (Blueberry Saison), Orangey Sun (Golden Ale), and the Raspberry Sun (Golden Ale). Most breweries have at least one beer that I just don’t enjoy.  I couldn’t find that beer at Line Creek.  Every single beer I sampled was good.


All of Line Creek’s beers are made using a 30-barrel specific mechanical system that was made and fabricated in Canada. The head brewer, Jason Carroll, had exact requests and high standards for the equipment needed to churn out quality brews. Jason hails from Ireland and is a product of the famous Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork, which was one of the first on the Irish craft beer scene. He is constantly experimenting with yeast strains, fermentation temperatures and dry hopping rates to provide optimal results for brews.

As of now, the distribution network is pretty much limited to the local area. Line Creek beers can be found in Metro Atlanta and will soon be expanding to Columbus, GA.  According to Paul, “the days of build it and they will come breweries are long gone, and while the craft beer community is exceptionally supportive, space for tap handles and shelves is competitive.” They plan to grow organically, making sure they meet the demands of those who helped them get started. For now, out of state distribution is not in the plan. However, it will likely be part of a longer-term vision.


Looking forward, to the next year and beyond, Line Creek will continue to focus on improving and expanding their offering of beers. They have just begun a barrel aging program and are routinely putting their one-barrel pilot system to work with experimental taproom releases.  The most recent of these experimental releases were a White Stout and Lemon & Basil IPA, both of which were hits in the taproom. Their growth will revolve around distribution channels with a focus on delivering great beer to the people of Georgia.  I am excited to watch this story continue to evolve and can’t wait to watch the next chapter unfold.


In the meantime, Line Creek goes beyond just making and selling great beer.  They are involved in multiple projects that give back to both the local and regional community. As a community funded brewery with over 40 Fayette County residents supporting them, giving back to the community is a must for Line Creek.  They are partnering with the Southern Conservation Trust who takes care of land and nature sanctuaries in Peachtree City and throughout the Southeast.  They often host runs and ruck marches that support local veteran’s groups. As a veteran myself, I absolutely love this. On Saturdays, they host beer yoga. For $20, you can take a yoga class and enjoy two pours in the taproom or a six pack to go.  When I visited the brewery, they were having a Jeep "Go Topless Day", which drew quite the crowd. So, The moral of the story is if you’re in the Peachtree City or Atlanta area, be on the lookout for one of these events or just stop by Line Creek Brewing and enjoy some great craft beer! Cheers, friends!