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Retargeting - You Should Be Doing It

Ever look at a pair of shoes, or a cruise, or browse through some new books to read on that cruise then move on to the next thing on your agenda only to start getting ads about the same exact thing you were just looking at? Ever wonder how the heck that happens and think “wow, that’s so crazy. I was just looking at that”? Well, this practice is called retargeting and it is an extremely effective way to turn potential customers into loyal customers that buy an item. In this blog post we will discuss retargeting, it’s effectiveness, how to set it up, and why you should be using it for your business.

I know, I know, these ads that follow you around everywhere are creepy and annoying, but they are effective. They remind you to go back to that site that you forgot you even visited a few weeks ago. You see, every business wants to win back those visitors that didn’t turn into a conversion the first time they visited a website. Retargeting is a precise way to get them back. It specifically targets people who have, at one point, visited your website and clicked away before converting. It’s done by using cookies that follow you around the internet and then serve you ads for things that you looked at but didn’t buy. At RM SEO, this is something that we recommend to every one of our clients. It’s a fool proof way to stay in front of potential customers.

Now you’re probably wondering, “is this really effective?” or “is this the right idea for my business?” and the simple answer is YES! According to eMarketer, website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert by 70%. Yes, you read that right. If a potential customer, who visited your website in the past is served an ad for the same product he or she was previously looking at, is 70% more likely to return to your page and buy that product. On top of this, retargeting ads are more noticeable that a typical display ad. The person being served the ad has already shown an interest in your product. This means that they will notice it and most likely be intrigued. In fact, it’s estimated that three of five online viewers notice and consider ads showing products they have already viewed. You’re simply reminding them of something they might already want to buy. You’re just giving the push they need to go back and buy your product. So, as I’ve stated before, retargeting is as effective as it gets when it comes to digital marketing strategies. If you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on business, plain and simple.

Now that you know how effective it is, you’re probably saying “how do I do this for my business?”. Well, today’s your lucky day. RM SEO, your Atlanta digital marketing team, has answers. There are many ways to go about retargeting ads. The two platforms that we recommend using are Google and Facebook. This is due to the simple fact that this is where you will get most of the traffic on your ads. Google has the Google Display Network of over 2 million sites and apps that reach over 90% of the world’s internet users. You can also set up retargeting lists for search ads that gets over 5.5 billion searches per day. Placing retargeting ads on Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Audience network, a quickly growing collection of sites and apps that reach over 1 billion people per month. For example, your ads will be seen on sites and apps such as the Washington Post, Shazam and others.

Heard enough to convince you that you should be doing this? Contact us today and we will get you set up, allowing you to focus on other things, like getting all your new orders (resulting from retargeting) out the door and depositing all your new money in the bank. This is not something that you should pass up. Most of your competitors are already doing it or will be doing it in the future. Remember, your success is our success. Let us grow your business into the money-making machine that it has the potential to be.

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