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Spring Cleaning Your Website

Spring is finally here! It’s time for taking your dog to the park, meeting your friends for happy hours on your favorite patios, taking the cool Instagram pictures at your favorite outdoors spots, and all those other things you’ve been waiting to do all winter. The weather is finally cooperating, and life is good. But what else comes with spring? You guessed it, spring cleaning. Warmer weather and longer days make people more active, giving us time to clean everything up and feel good about enjoying our lives. But what you probably don’t realize is that keeping your website clean and up to date is just as important as cleaning your house. There is no better time than now to give your website a good sweep to get rid of old content and make it look nice and clean. Out with the old, in with the new!

At RM SEO, your Atlanta Digital Marketing experts, we recommend doing an annual cleaning of your website to make sure you keep it looking good, up to date, and ready for all those potential clients that might come across your content now that everyone has awaken from their winter hibernation. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of a good “spring cleaning” and the best ways to do it.

The most important reason for doing this, is the fact that people want to see clean, crisp, cutting edge websites. As we always say, your website is your store front window in the digital world. This is a client’s first impression of your business. On top of this, it will only help your SEO rankings as google is always looking to make sure your website is up to date. If you’re not updating your content, you will slowly drop in the rankings and be playing catch up. It’s an easy way to make sure you maintain your current search engine rankings and position yourself to move up. Nobody wants to see an old, outdated website.

The questions you need to be asking yourself are as follows:

Is my website accurately displaying my company’s character?

Is my website accurately displaying my company’s personality?

Is my website accurately displaying my company’s culture?

Is my website clean and up to date?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it’s time to get into spring cleaning mode and get this corrected. But I’m going to break these questions down to help you accomplish this.

Keeping content and information up to date

As a company grows and evolves, the personality and mission of that company can also grow and evolve. Does your content still portray the mission and personality of when you first got started? Is it lacking something? Is your last blog post a news article from a few years back? Is your contact information current? Do you have a personnel page that needs updating? These are all things you must consider. To be frank, an unprofessional website is boring. You need to consider adding regular blog posts to your website. Set two hours aside every month, come up with a topic and knock it out. A lot of people don’t think this is important, but this is an easy way to keep your website fresh with a constant stream of new content that is interesting to customers and will be noticed by search engines.

Give it a Fresh Look

Have you done a brand redesign? Has it been a few years since you’ve updated the look and feel of your website? If so, it’s time to update the look as well. When doing this, it’s a good idea to work with a professional website designer that knows their way around the colors, layout, font styles and sizes and the effect these will have on the customer. RM SEO, your Atlanta Digital Marketing experts, can work with you to bring your website to life and drive results. We can also work with you to add photos to update the look and feel of your website and improve the user experience.

QA Links

Are your links up to date? Do the work as you intended? Outdated and broken links can lower your business’ credibility and result in the lost of trust of both customers and search engines. Search engines will crawl your website and check everything, if you have broken links that is going to hurt your SEO score and result in a search engine ranking drop. This is something that should be checked often to ensure that everything is up to date. Links can break without your knowledge at any time, so it is imperative that you stay on top of this.


Are your calls to action (CTAs) clear? Are they effective? If they aren’t, a potential customer won’t know what action to take and this will hurt your bottom line. This will result in missed conversions, purchases, subscriptions, etc. In today’s world, people want things quickly. Your CTAs must be clear, concise, and to the point. When someone visits your website, they want the information to be given to them quickly and they also want to know what to do with the information provided.


Are your fonts, themes, image sizes, and style consistent throughout your website? These are minor details that are often missed that will improve the overall look, feel, and user experience of your website. These are small changes that will go a long way to improving your website.

Test Functionality

If you have any forms, surveys or email sign up fields, make sure they work. Nothing is more frustrating than filling out a form or survey only to find out it doesn’t work. That is a sure-fire way to lose a customer. They will go to a competitor that makes sure their stuff is working.

All said and done, your website is a living and breathing digital extension of your store or office. You must keep up it up to date. It’s an easy way to gain new business if you do it correctly, and an easy way to lose business if you are not doing it. RM SEO, your Atlanta Digital Marketing experts, are pros at going in and breaking down your website and building it back up to reach it’s potential. Contact us today if your website needs a spring cleaning.

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